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Spending Stories by The Open Knowledge Foundation

Example queries: 12 million British pounds, 5,000 US dollars, 300,000 EU euros


What is the project?

Spending Stories is a project by the Open Knowledge Foundation aiming at improving fiscal literacy and providing greater awareness of budget data worldwide. Read more about it on this blog. It is supported by a grant by the Knight Foundation.

This part of the Spending Stories project enables users to put amounts into perspective. Any amount in any currency can be queried and compared against real-life expenditures. The results take into account inflation in the country where the expenditure has been realized.

The project is open source and can be installed on your own server for you to insert your own spending stories. Find more instructions at Github.

Who is the team?

The Open Knowledge foundation asked Paris and Berlin-based agency Journalism++ SAS  to build this app. It was managed by @annelisebouyer and coded by @toutenrab, @vied12, @paulloz and @pirhoo.